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Lethal love arrows, like pouring rain.

Your sweet lips, the Divine Face.

Lord of Lords, the Presence, Unfathomable,

embrace me. Now!


Sowmya surrendered to the longing. She did not notice

that her costume, damp with sweat, was sticking to her

legs, or that a bell from her anklets had torn off and flung

out on the floor. She only saw the sound, only heard the

dance: the leap she would make, the pause for a fraction of

the beat before landing with the elegance of the antelope.

There was nothing else in her vision. She summoned to

her face all that was needed to communicate the agony, the

bliss, the sacred story, the mystical moment. It will cleanse

your audience, redeem! Her feet, weightless, flew over the


Kita-thaka-dharikitathom! Kita-thaka-dharikitathom!