Latest Review for Desire of the Moth


This book is a journey of the human spirit.
A tenacious young woman from India defies cultural norms, traditions, and expectations to go off, following her heart . Her tenacious spirit directs her, guides her, and leads her through traumatic family alienation.
The writing is clear, and Champa Bilwakesh is brilliant in conveying the heroine’s turmoil while truly following her heart.
The cultural and political references at times were difficult for me to follow, but again, it was the basic theme of the human spirit and humanity which prevails within this family unit. I loved the book. I was drawn in within the first 30 pages. Champa made simple, quick, thought provoking statements which had me stopping mid-read to revisit what I just read. I love books that draw me in, but more importantly, I love books that celebrate an internal victory. Well done Champa! I couldn’t put it down.