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Sowmya arched her brows, knitted them, and
learned to make her whole upper body shimmer while her
feet danced.

“Subtlety in facial expression,” Mallika said. “It should
arise slowly, fade and give way to something else to rise,
leave space for a thought, poetry to form. This is what defines
this art, the abhinaya. Take fury. Fury yes, but with
compassion, this is what it’s all about.”

— from the Desire of the Moth

A production by Satyajit Ray on dance demonstrated by the great dancer Balasaraswathi.


 Mallika told her of dancing at the temple at Madurai in the hall of thousand and one pillars;  the one hundred and one steps carved into the hills of Pazhani where she danced for the Youthful God;  and at the temple for the Virgin Goddess at the cape Kanyakumari, where the sun sets in a blood red sea.

— from the Desire of the Moth

▶ Bala (1976) – Satyajit Ray Documentary on T. Balasaraswati – YouTube.